The Imperialism of Economics

The Imperialism of Economics (or as far you are ok I will sell my stuff to you)

By Joshua Konov, 2011

The European Union was founded as an innovation for unity of many old archenemies in Europe, Brittan  against France, France against Germany, and Germany against everyone else…  After the Second World War two main conclusions were made, the first was that by the means of war nothing could be solved while the weapons were too sophisticated and powerful that basically can destroy anything on their way, and the second was that the imperialism is more like liability than equity in terms of economic advanced occupying someone’s countries can bring more headaches than they would gain indeed.  Then the Europeans decided to join together into a market and currency union instead…, and they did the European Union (EU), then the Soviet block disintegrated and more countries like Poland, Latvia, Latvia, and etc. joined the Union too, then most recently Romania and Bulgaria did. Some of the European Union countries adopted the Euro as their currency, other retained their old currencies however pegged the Euro directly like many or indirectly like the Pound. Long trusting governments and bureaucracy the Europeans established in Brussels political institutions which in parallel with the national governments should draw the EU into closest union: political and economic. The doors for the large manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers mostly German corporations for a no customs duty open marketplace were wide open. The doors for Europeans’ freedom to move through their borders, to find opportunities, i.d. was wide open too. However, what they did not do was the export of the successes in consumer protection, standard of life, pensions, i.d. of Germany and mostly of the Northern most developed Countries of Dania, Sweden, and of France. The bureaucratic  approaches these more developed countries used to help less developed ones have been through subsidizing particular industries, farming and some infrastructure by using governmental structures of highly complex procedures (as an example: more than 75% of all agricultural subsidies went to the 10% of large farmers who basically did not need any such subsidies to be competitive), the many scams of fraudulent return of so called VAT (Value Added Tax) have been so well developed in EU that counted for billions of dollars loss in fiscal reserves (see VALUE-ADDED TAX FRAUD IN THE EUROPEAN UNION).


The bureaucracy has been adopted very well by some countries like Greece that manipulated such programs to raise its own standard of life, and to create a very large bureaucratic machine itself. Others like Bulgaria could not adopt at all under these new conditions not being able to sustain even its market development inherited from the communist time, However the large Transnational Corporations (TC) were already prepared for such open marketplace and have taken over it in a blink of an eye, becoming the rulers of this universe. They the TC on a side the criminal bosses in the world of the post communist era benefited the most from the corrupted governments in the less developed countries signing questionable contracts… (example is the interest rates in Bulgaria where banks are lending over 12% up to 18% to individuals and businesses alike, the wireless mobile phone providers are maintaining the highest rates in Europe and the most restrictive costumer policies elsewhere, the energy wholesalers that are keeping relatively highest prices too, and all of these in a country with no costumer protection, in which first residence could be foreclosed in two months).


On top of all of these, the semi legal privatization done by some of less developed countries allowed robbery in the mid day by those with the money, guess who were those? (example is the privatization of 120 hotels in Bulgaria previously owned by a state own company “Balkanturist” to a criminal founded company owned by Iliya Pavlov (murdered) for less than 20M while the appraised value was 3+ billion dollars, or many banks in Bulgaria, Romania and elsewhere that were acquired by Societe Generale and others far under their nominal values..)


The European Union basically allowed Transnational Corporations and criminal bosses to take assets in many member and satellite countries in a ways not too far from the methods of imperialism used before the Second War…, thus the consequences of their actions do not differ from these of the old Empires… no development, no progress, no good to the people of these less developed countries, hence, the lack of fairness in market competition and the boost of bureaucratic crime brought market conditions of the neo-liberalism in its full force, that  seemingly reflects what happen to the European Union most recently. The even further disadvantage European Union was presented under the new globalized world and rising productivity in where the lack of well developed marketplace to support the most Developed Germany and France’s production competing to China, Japan and the Unites States… (see Market Economics by Using Quantum Factor) reflects the crisis ongoing in EU.


To change the situation in European Union some general macro and micro economic policies should be adopted, and of consumer protection and fair market competition while the bureaucracy should be reduced indeed, the subsidies should not go to the rich but to the Small and Medium Enterprises. Governmental bureaucracy channel should not be used instead only Commercial banks. The European Union should be a real union of most developed prompting fairness in market competition.


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