In a World of Ideologies

In a World of Ideologies

In the modern world ideologies are coming back prompted by the most recent recession by bringing alone believes in the “magic powers” of nationality, economic approaches such as the trickle-down capitalism, xenophobia that overall clicks the  “We are better than you are” superiority complex in the most developed countries even when the economic situation statistically has brought down the middle class and has expanded the numbers of the unemployed and poor. It is obvious that people need to believe in their superiority, so they can substitute for the lack of opportunities, or at least the reduced possible advance toward prosperity. In the past Communist Block the ideology machine discovered that if they show trough the media only natural disasters and other negative occurrences in the West their citizens felt much better when oppressed or severely harmed by low quality goods and services or shortages, the mighty power of “We are better than you are” was perfected to even the natural disaster seemingly happening to the bad people from the West, lol., however for many years this system of constant usage of ideology worked pretty well, and the underdeveloped economically Soviet Block proudly presented to their countrymen unstoppable “economic process”!?!

But would not be laughing at that, because right now, almost everywhere with a very few exceptions the system of the modern day ideology works as well as it did in the post Communist Block, such when the middle class is rapidly shrinking in the US and Western Europe by moving down to the poor, when the unemployment is well in the sky elsewhere, when life is becoming much more difficult for more people….. the approach of “We are better than you are” is well adopted by the media, public speeches and policies that just stinks. On the Martin Luther Kings’ day it was very obvious that the thousands of protestors in Washington wanted deeper cuts into the administration subsidies for the unemployed, stop the Medicare for all and bring back “we the Americans are the best” only, however nobody from the current administration called the opposite of this statement. The very strange of this Republican show of unity and power was the obviously mixed crowd in the majority did not representing the few multi billion dollar insurance company owners, neither the very few living in the NW by the lake suburbs of Chicago, thus it becomes very confirming that the ideology works as fine in the Sates among many unemployed and struggling citizens as it deed in the Soviet Union, with a similar cause too. The Communist leaders were promoting the ideas of equality to all but they themselves had the cream of everything: big houses, nice cars and political power to do whatever they wanted to, the leaders of the current Establishment in the US and EU, and actually elsewhere prompt for financial austerity to the majority in believes of the limitless opportunities given by the free Capitalism of shady business practices and deregulated financial structures, of lack of social policies, but they themselves not exercising financial austerity live in big houses and posses the whole world around.


Well, the world of consistent economic growth interrupted by short term adjustments of the past maybe gone forever: with the rapid industrialization of China, with the ongoing Globalization and rising Productivity accelerated by High Technologies and the Internet the opportunities brought by the trickle-down Capitalism are all but not enough to fix unemployment and shrinking fiscal reserves in an environment of “shady” business practices and speculative deregulated financial exchanges, with high interest rate lending and long term recessions?

It was obvious that if the last Great Recession was not attacked by the Governments by expanding Monetary Quantities, by creating stimulus packages, and by constantly keeping their hands on the pulse of the economy the Crisis could have had unmanageable consequences to all, including to the majority of protestors in Washington that were protesting against the very things that were helping them get over the harms of the Recession, which Recession was provoked by these very “shady” business practices, deregulated financial exchanges and economic offhand policies of the previous administrations.


Now, the discussion about “if the ideology works?” should go more like “how much the ideology of “we the Americans are better than everybody else” could fix the economy and bring the prosperity to all these people proclaiming this statements “magic” powers?”.


You can answer yourselves: if fiscal austerity when unemployment is rising and overall growth is under 3% may prompt new economic growth? May be it could, if the trickled-up capital by the very few did not go strait to China, India, Vietnam, Brazil and elsewhere, but instead prompts more industrial production here at home, however the possibilities of such outcome are close to nothing, or may be by reducing technologies in the still remaining manufacturing in the States that could expand the pool of employment an outcome ridiculous by its nature?

No, ladies and gentlemen, none of the above will ever happen, therefore to believe that the less involvement by the US Government in the currently used Trickle-down Economics would fix the new developments of Globalization and rising Productivity, is just incomprehensible. Therefore, even we the Americans are the best in the World, if currently used economics does not change we the Americans may well loose our Economic superiority in a few years to China, or deepen in lethargic semi recessions, or just struggle to maintain our American fiscal reserves, anywhere close to what is the existent-minimum.


The ideology of “we are better than you are” by itself is a pure probe of BS if not supplemented by vivid working economic policies and for such we should go for. The economic intervention by the Governments could be only substituted by a working economy that provides employment, relative security, and expanding demand needed in such ever rising industrial production, which economics is not implemented yet, but clearly such implementation does no through Libertarian economics, indeed.

© Joshua Konov,2010


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