How Globalization affects Foreign Relations & Institutions

How Globalization affects Foreign Relations


In short the famous “It is the Economy stupid…” is becoming more like a motto reflecting international politics and remotely vowing how the Future foreign relations will look like. Relations based on purely economic interests of employment, international business and investment.

With the exception of a few still politicized countries of Iran, North Korea, Cuba and Venezuela in which politics runs economics and a few still ideologically motivated countries of Russia, Great Britain and Germany in which ideology runs economics the world over all has discovered that in the modern day Globalization the only thing left is the economy and that the new foreign relation of politics are more alike business such. In this context countries such Iraq and Afghanistan should be taken as ongoing archaic left over from the 20th Century, however terrorism in its new form maybe considered a product of the new 21st Century and the way it should be dealt with obviously is the main issue of all. Hence, wars only most likely will not solve the problem of terrorism; as well US commanders discovered that their public relations, local development, improving life conditions and more economic opportunities for the locals in Iraq and Afghanistan are better weapons then the militaristic once, so what the people want is a better life: jobs, education, economic development thus the “terrorism” is a consequence of the inadequate development in these regions used by a few extremists to spur religious antagonism, so if these regions are lifted up from poverty to prosperity for the few extremists will be not left to much to preach.  

Thus most of people elsewhere want the same: a better life; to consider for example that the Greeks or Spaniards are financially irresponsible for improving their infrastructure, social policies, or boosting their personal income is incomprehensive and equivalent of blaming someone of trying to live better. People are all the same elsewhere, thus the poor are not such because of being lazy or the dying in Africa kids are not any less kids then elsewhere. Nationalism, ideologies and the Myth of ‘ WE ARE BETTER THEN YOU ARE’ is a pure probe BS of the Past: run by a few “warlords” and “masters of the universe” to show to the rest that even many problems exist here at home, there are some worst places and people elsewhere. In times of low productivity and weak technologies the system of ideology worked well to maintain “Social Stability”, however the Globalization and rising Productivity: high technologies, open boarders, and the Internet have created the industrial capability in Most Developed Countries added and the best implemented by China that Global industrial production power is capable to flood the world with inexpensive industrial goods, thus leaving many others in growing deficit and consequential national debt: fiscal shortages, lowering standard of life or genuine poverty.

Foreign relations institutions were serving their masters and their countries well in times of low Productivity and limited Globalization of a pro supply economic environment, but now because of the new arising spreading elsewhere Globalization, rising Productivity and the Internet these institutions role is to prompt economic exchanges and business activities, however the Internet has given much better then the Governments tools for businesses to expand these businesses global presentation making foreign institutions role as such obsolete. Unless the biggest countries of US, China, Germany, Japan, France and etc. have some reason to maintain their foreign governmental institution to fight terrorism and prevent from global instabilities the small countries should very well consider reducing their foreign institutions and stop spending precious resources in foreign embassies and worthless missions. Instead these small countries governments should concentrate of improving strategic industries; improving infrastructure and most importantly present to the rest of the world a realistic picture of their economies and markets, and because the pro-supply economics of Capitalism is changing into flexible pro-demand economics of Market’s “as it comes as it goes” governments should enhance their knowledge to manage in such environment and spend properly recourses to develop responding to these new conditions commercial laws: contract laws, personal liability laws to enhance Small to Medium Business borrow-abilities, and etc. The foreign relations are more like here at home including all people reach and poor, so small countries governments should stop putting shows in embassies and international worthless travel and start taking more seriously and financially responsibly their duties to their citizens.

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